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Welcome to Roberta Hammond and Associates, LLC

We are currently offering in-person and virtual sessions based on the rules of your insurance policy.


Therapy is a journey of understanding, accepting and healing; helping you to open the door to a new peace.  We use a client-centered approach, focusing on a deep respect for each client's individuality. Our Goal is to provide a safe place for you to take a hard look at difficult issues and to learn to respond differently to stressful situations. Unfortunately, people often find that emotions such as depression, fear and anxiety prevent them from achieving that goal.




It is our belief that all people desire a life in which they experience contentment and fulfillment.  We contend that you, the client have the necessary resources within you to make the changes you would like to make. We look forward to helping you to awaken to your own intuitive wisdom in order to gain a better sense of balance in your life and your relationships. 


Our team includes:


Glenna Darnell-Baughman, MS/LPCC

Christina Harper, MS/LISW-S

David J. Tieman, MS/LPCC-S


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